OEM Parts

ISEIDON provides complete OEM parts for small parts, LCDs and digitizers. 

Deeply Rooted In Cellphone Industry

ISEIDON has 10 years’ experience in the wireless parts & accessories supply chain industry which let us know your needs better.

Multilingual Customers Service

ISEIDON multilingual sales team to offer you 24/7 customer care and quotation support.

Flexible Cooperation

ISEIDON provides flexible options for customers of different sizes and needs, such as personalized packages/accessories brand customization.       

Quick Delivery

The lead time of ERP system to execute an order is 1-2 days. Customers can receive the goods in 3-5 days. 

Vertical Integration

ISEIDON is a global, vertically integrated cellphone parts aftermarket service provider. We are dedicated to being your one-stop shopping platform to save you time and money. 


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