A dual-line data suit for apple & android

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A dual-line data suit for apple & android

The latest scientific research products, a dual head of cable, positive apple, opposite the android
1. Compatible with general
it is suitable for the iphone 5/5c/5s/6/6+/6s etc., and also suit for 98% of android phone.
2. The power wire
Use environmental protection TPE, high tenacity nylon braided wire, performance stability safety, wear-resisting, solid, pull continuously, not easy knot, easy to carry
3. The alloy plug
Equipped with standard USB interface metal (copper), adapted the market most of brand mobile phone power adapter.At the same time support charging and data transmission.
4. Beautiful appearance
Metal pins and the perfect combination of nylon wire, the whole cable and beautiful fashion, high-end luxury.Apply daily times feeling is different.

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